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EU member states agree to ban flights from southern Africa over new coronavirus variant 'Omicron' rapidly spreading there

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said it was important that Europeans "act very swiftly, decisively, and united."

Belgium records Europe's first case of the new coronavirus variant spreading in southern Africa

Health minister Frank Vandenbroucke told media it was found in a traveler who entered Belgium and tested positive on Nov. 22.

Amazing historic photos charting the history of cruising

While we might not be able to cross oceans on a cruise ship right now, we can still sail down memory lane. From the earliest trans-Atlantic voyages and golden age ships to today's glittering juggernauts, we reveal 30 nostalgic images that chronicle cruise history.

Your state's most pretty lakeside town

The US has lakes in pretty much every size and shape imaginable, from small “ponds” to bodies of water so huge it’s impossible to see from one shore to another. There are lakes shaped like gnarled fingers (New York) and surrounded by wineries, while others are dotted with islands. And, while many of these watery wonders are in national parks, others are in towns or small cities with homes, parks and beaches hugging their shorelines. We’ve picked the most charming lakeside town or small city in every state. (If you're planning a trip, be sure to check for any state travel restrictions before you go.)

Inside the world's most beautiful airports

Airports are an essential part of travel and, for most part, every traveler wishes to spend the least amount of time possible in one. Some of these spaces are far from being merely a means to an end though, whether it's thanks to its architectural features, unique design or incredible facilities like ice rinks, water slides, waterfalls, jungles and more. Here we showcase our favorites from around the world.

Passengers on 2 KLM flights from South Africa to Amsterdam were held on their planes for at least 4 hours after landing in Europe amid fears of the new COVID-19 variant

Passengers were eventually brought inside the terminal on airport shuttle buses for mandatory testing after arriving from the newest COVID-19 hotspot.

How many of the world's most stunning cities have you visited?

Cities are often associated with excitement and culture rather than beauty, yet many of the world’s urban hubs rival the prettiest villages and the most striking natural wonders in the looks department. These are the beautiful cities with breathtaking surroundings, awe-inspiring architecture and landmarks that have stood for centuries. From colorful old towns to sleek modern skylines, take a virtual tour of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Amazon is confident it can deliver your holiday packages in time. It's chartering its own ships and reportedly using half-empty trucks

From chartering its own ships to building up its air cargo fleet, Amazon has been operating in overdrive to deliver holiday goods in time.

What to expect if you get Covid-19 on vacation and want to fly home

If you’re on a crowded, cross-country flight for six hours in the middle of a pandemic, there’s something you should know about airport and airline protocol.

These Olympics venues cost billions. Today they're abandoned

These countries spent fortunes on building facilities for the Olympics that were then left abandoned.

UK winter holidaymakers urged to get vaccinated and book with reputable travel firms

As coronavirus numbers spike across Europe, winter holidaymakers are being urged to ensure that they are vaccinated and to book ski trips with reputable firms. While it is highly unlikely that the UK government will reintroduce travel restrictions for travelling within Europe, the situation remains precarious. Austria has imposed a “firebreak” lockdown of up to 20 days . France and Germany are also experiencing fourth waves of Covid-19...

Cruise and airline stocks sell off as global health officials track new coronavirus variant with 'large number of mutations'

"What we do know is that this variant has a large number of mutations," said a WHO official about the new COVID variant B.1.1.529.

‘An uplifting experience’: readers’ favourite places in Lisbon

Winning tip: An elevator to fabulous views After a morning’s sightseeing in the historic centre, my favourite place in Lisbon is an uplifting experience: the Santa Justa elevator links downtown Lisbon to the Chiado district up the hill. I simply love the beautiful wrought iron of this 100-year-old neo-Gothic tower, created by Raul Mesnier de Pondard, a student of Gustave Eiffel. At the top you can enjoy the fabulous 360-degree views over the...

6 of the most memorable things to do in Dublin that most tourists miss

Looking for things to do in Dublin, Ireland? These can't miss activities all come recommended by locals, including museums, hiking trails, and more.

A transit union wants to put unruly plane passengers on a no-fly list to stifle the increase of assaults on plane crews

"If there's not a no-fly list, people are going to continue to assault plane crews and gate agents," the transportation union president said.

The US is set to restrict travel from 8 countries on Monday because of the new Omicron coronavirus 'variant of concern'

The restricted countries include South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Eswatini, Malawi, and Namibia.

A local’s guide to Turin: five great things to do

Silvia Ceriani lives in Turin and works for the Slow Food movement on events such as Terra Madre, Slow Cheese and the Slow Wine Fair Food Nothing in Turin compares to the spectacle put on each Saturday at Porta Palazzo market. Out in the main square, outside the two covered markets, are raucous fishmongers and the cheapest fruit and vegetables stalls. My advice is to forget the modern Mercato Centrale – it’s more a trumped-up restaurant mall...

40 award-winning images of the world's historic places

Depicting everything from crumbling ruins lit up by the moonlight to medieval castles cloaked in fog, these spellbinding images show off the beauty of some of the world’s most historic places. They were unveiled as part of Historic Photographer of the Year Awards 2021, which attracted both amateur and professional submissions from all over the world. Here, we’ve included the three winners and shortlisted entries.

Are these the world's weirdest properties?

All over the world, innovative architects are pushing the boundaries of residential architecture into the realm of abstract artistry. From an invisible mirrored home in rural Slovenia to a custom-built mansion shaped like Darth Vader's helmet, these spectacular properties are anything but predictable...

Perfect for the wilderness: a Cairngorms safari by e-bike

Braemar out of season is a strange place to be. Not quite lifeless, but definitely falling into an autumnal torpor. After an extraordinarily busy summer hosting the great flood of northbound domestic tourists, in late October just a few B&Bs and pubs are hanging on before some much-needed downtime. At the edges of the village though, and in the wider, wilder countryside beyond, a lot more life is to be found. Red squirrels are emboldened by the...

Share your favourite Christmas and New Year UK light event to win a holiday voucher

It could be a spectacular laser light show in a city park, tastefully illuminated gardens at a grand historic home or an arty trail with glowing installations in mysterious woods. Tell us about a Christmas light extravaganza you’ve visited – we’re particularly interested in hearing about less well-known events. If you have a relevant photo, do send it in – but it’s your words that will be judged for the competition. Keep your tip to about 100...

A vaccine mandate for domestic air travel is not currently necessary because 'strategies' like masking are 'highly effective," Buttigieg says

"When it comes to domestic travel, we found other strategies are highly effective, including masks," he said.

As a travel editor, I vowed kids would never stop me from traveling. But one baby and a terrible trip later, that's exactly what I've done.

After the birth of her first child, the author said confidently that she'd keep traveling. The reality is far different, but she's OK with that.

Hilton hotels are throwing a pet-friendly Christmas, with a three-course dinner for dogs

To get the meal for your dog, book a room at a pet-friendly Hilton hotel in Britain between December 3 and 31.

Tour inside the world's most impressive stately homes

From sprawling estates with vineyards to elaborate palaces and properties, we peek inside the world’s most incredible stately homes.

Cargo planes and air carriers won big at the Dubai Airshow thanks to the shipping crisis and pandemic

The shipping crisis has brought air cargo to the forefront of the aviation industry and the demand for cargo jets was shown in massive Dubai orders.

RV and camping hacks everyone should know about

These handy hints and tricks will help your trip go more smoothly so you can make the most of your time in the great outdoors.

The world’s incredible medieval sights

The medieval era saw the creation of some of the finest architecture and monuments in history. In the period between AD 500 and 1500, sophisticated city layouts and elaborate religious buildings were constructed in countries all over the world. From the majestic domed cathedrals of Italy to the enchanting medina of Fez, here’s our pick of the top medieval sights on Earth.

Australia international border restrictions: what’s changed for travel and who can arrive quarantine-free

Australia’s international border will be further eased from next week under substantial changes announced by the federal government on Monday. From 1 December, Australia’s travel bubble will be expanded and skilled workers, eligible visa holders and international students will be able to arrive quarantine-free, subject to some conditions. Here’s what you need to know. What’s changing for international travel? From 1 December, there will be a...

Airlines are expecting holiday travel crowds to be the biggest since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic

United Airlines told Insider it expects the Sunday after Thanksgiving to be the busiest travel day since before the pandemic.

Secrets of the mysterious Himalayas

Humankind has been enthralled by the Himalayas for millennia. Home to some of the world’s tallest peaks, enormous glaciers and a rich array of plant and animal life, it’s no wonder these are some of the best-known mountains on the planet. Yet despite their stardom, the Himalayas are still shrouded in mystery. We peel back the layers to reveal the region’s fascinating history, unique climate and the challenges facing it today.

Stunning places in Iran you can't visit

As the home of one of the oldest civilizations, Iran is rich in cultural heritage, historical architecture and rare treasures. But sadly, due to the current political climate and the pandemic, seeing these sites in real life remains a distant dream for most of us. Here we unlock the extraordinary ancient places currently off-limits to tourists.

Secrets of the world's most tragic shipwrecks

Maritime disasters are sadly not unusual and the UN estimates there are around three million shipwrecks littering the ocean floor. Here we have selected some of the most tragic and poignant images of these ghostly ships…

The most amazing space experiences on Earth

As space tourism looks closer than ever to becoming a reality, there are still plenty of out-of-this world experiences you can have without leaving the planet – and for a fraction of the price, too. Intrigued? From awe-inspiring museums and planetariums to stargazing spots and space camps, here are the best ways to get a slice of space life right here on Earth. As always, please be sure to check international and local COVID-19 restrictions before you travel.

Planning a trip to Dublin? Read up on these important advisories first

Here's what you need to know about visiting Dublin in Ireland when it comes to weather advisories, mask mandates, and other COVID regulations.

Dow falls 700 points as new coronavirus variant threatens to derail global economic recovery

Travel-related stocks sold off sharply, while shares of vaccine makers and stay-at-home stock plays spiked.

A step away from the Lakes: walking the ‘Camino’ of Cumbria

The winding coastal pathway promised to be sublime: a gorse-lined trail atop a sweep of airy crags that fell away to reveal a nesting ground for kittiwakes, razorbills and rare black guillemots. The weather, a mix of smoking fog, brutal winds and lashing rain, was another matter. Talk about blowing the cobwebs off. “Take a bracing walk along the clifftops,” read the info board near the trailhead at Whitehaven harbour, where I began. “The outlook...

Qatar Airways says it is not accepting passengers on its flights from 2 African nations immediately due to the new Omicron variant

Qatar Airways has enacted the most dramatic restrictions of any airline worldwide after the WHO deemed Omicron, first discovered in Africa, a "variant of concern."

Chair South African Medical Association says Omicron cases are mild so far, but it's too soon to the determine risk of severe disease

"We really just need to hold tight to see how this plays out and what our next move is," an epidemiologist at UTHealth School of Public Health said.

Amazon Singapore Is Giving Away 26 Pairs Of Return Tickets To Seattle, USA For Black Friday 2021

26 lucky Black Friday shoppers will stand to win a pair of return tickets to Seattle! The post Amazon Singapore Is Giving Away 26 Pairs Of Return Tickets To Seattle, USA For Black Friday 2021 appeared first on Geek Culture.

Brooding beauty: why Carmarthenshire is Wales’ best-kept secret

Thank God no boozy poet or philandering painter was born or buried in Llandeilo in the heart of Carmarthenshire. If there were, it would probably be flooded with pilgrims. As it is, the small inland town on the mighty Tywy (or Towy) – the longest river that has its source and outlet in Wales – has a degree of quaintness, but not too much, and only a handful of gawpers admiring the pastel-painted facades. Most are, like me, on road trips, as the...

If Dublin is on your bucket list, these are the best ways to get to and around the Irish capital

These are the best ways to travel to and around Dublin, Ireland, with our insider tips on transportation, flights, ferries, and more.

How latest update to England’s travel red list will affect planned trips

The UK government has added six countries to the travel red list after the emergence of a new coronavirus variant. As of midday on Friday, South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Eswatini, Zimbabwe and Namibia are subject to restrictions and a temporary flight ban. Non-UK and Irish residents who have been in any of those countries in the previous 10 days will be refused entry into England. And the move will have an impact on anyone who has a trip...

The Justice Department plans to step up prosecution of unruly airline passengers after more than 5,300 incidents this year

In a memo to prosecutors, Attorney General Merrick Garland stressed the need to tackle crimes that occur on flights during the holiday travel season.

Then and now: abandoned places totally transformed

These empty and abandoned places are reborn.

United and Delta's flights to South Africa will be impacted by new travel restrictions that throw a wrench in the recovery of international travel

United Airlines and Delta Air Lines had just started flying to South Africa again only to have their flights impacted by new travel restrictions.

Experience a Hallmark Christmas at These 5 Hotels Featured in Your Favorite Holiday Films

Is there anything more magical than a Hallmark holiday movie set?

I was a schoolboy chef at Birmingham’s Grand Hotel. Now I’m back – as a guest

The Grand Hotel is where I met the big bad world. In 1979, when I was 15, a work-experience place led to a part-time job as a commis chef, so I spent weekends as an underling in a huge, sweltering hotel kitchen full of moody, permanently hungover chefs preparing 1970s delicacies like prawn cocktail, black forest gateau and joints of meat and cauliflower cheese for the carvery restaurant. I still have asbestos hands developed from handling...

The 5 best places to stay in Dublin, from an exquisite luxury hotel to an Airbnb inside a seafront tower

If you're wondering where to stay in Dublin, Ireland, these are the best Dublin hotels, hostels, Airbnbs, and accommodations for every budget.

A Hawaiian TikToker called out tourists after a video appeared to show an influencer on a forbidden hiking trail

Camille Leihulu shared a TikTok from a group of tourists who appeared to be climbing the stairs and said, "Outsiders get to blatantly ignore laws."