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15 Countries Worth Visiting for an Epic Drive

Whether it's the awesome roads, incredible terrain, or lax driving laws, plan your next road trip with this guide to our international favorite driving spots.

Ship-to-shore! Sailors have arrived in NYC to kick off Fleet Week

Ship-to-shore! Crowds gathered to watch as sailors arrived in NYC for one of the city's best May events, Fleet Week!

Another tent city springs up in Dublin amid migrant influx

Many of the occupants were moved to several temporary accommodation centres, but dozens of migrants still remain in tents near the waterways

How WW2 'most beautiful woman in the world' spent her final years

Despite being one of the most important inventors of the 20th century, she lived her last days in a three-bedroom home in Casselberry, 20 minutes outside Orlando.

Brain, skull and spine injuries on turbulent Singapore flight

Twenty people remain in intensive care in the Thai capital, where flight SQ321 made an emergency landing on Tuesday after the terrifying high-altitude ordeal.

The Top 10 everyone's talking about: Who's the most attractive man in Britain?

Safety first: Protecting your kids at hotels' indoor pools

Pool brings certain risks that parents and guardians need to address to ensure their children's safety.

What is the significance of the American flag hung upside down?

Singapore Airlines turbulence: 'The most important thing is to always keep your seatbelts fastened' - Captain Sully

SHAH ALAM - Retired airline pilot Captain Chesley B. Sullenberger or better known as Sully, who is famous for his successful emergency water landing on New York's Hudson River back in 2009, says he has never seen a turbulence as bad as the one that hit the Singapore Airlines Boeing aircraft flying from London's Heathrow airport to Singapore. In an ...

Inside the incredibly overcrowded Caribbean island which is sinking

Carti Sugtupu, which also known as Gardi Sugdub or 'Crab Island,' is the focus of a short YouTube, where locals reveal how their livelihoods are being severely impacted by global warming.

Surrounded by England's most magical countryside and bread so good it could be a main course: Inside the Michelin-starred Lake District restaurant that's on a roll

MailOnline Travel's Ted Thornhill dines at Source at Gilpin Hotel, a Relais & Chateaux property nestled amid some of the Lake District's most bucolic scenery, just east of Windermere.

University student in deadly fall at Penang hotel

GEORGE TOWN, May 23 — A 24-year-old university student fell to her death from the balcony of a hotel in Tanjung Bungah h...

Disabled athlete claims Qantas left his wheelchair bent and broken

Timothy Lachlan travelled with the airline from Dallas, Texas to Sydney in February but claims his wheelchair was so badly damaged while on board, it is now unusable.

A flight attendant was burned by boiling water, and an elderly woman didn't know where she was after massive turbulence on a Singapore flight, passenger says

"I remember kind of waking up on the floor, and listening to people crying," Josh Silverstone, who was on the flight, said.

Hospitalised Australian passenger complains about Singapore Airlines silence

A passenger injured in the turbulence-hit Singapore Airlines flight said on Thursday (May 23) that the airline has not been forthcoming with information following the deadly incident.

Scientists are puzzled by this mysterious ancient city

My mom and I live on different continents, but we're closer than ever. We text every day and FaceTime every weekend.

I moved abroad and my mom and I live on different continents. Our relationship is closer than ever. We talk every day and FaceTime each weekend.

The Most Beautiful Small Towns In Every State

Why yes, we would love to reside in a place where we can pan for sapphires.

What should you do when there is turbulence on a plane?

REI Is Kicking Off Summer With a Huge Sale, and Prices Start at Only $5

Camping? Hiking? Just sitting at the park? Time to upgrade your cooking game and get a new water bottle.

TSA agents think the crewmember lane at airports is a huge security flaw that staff abuse for smuggling

Some TSA agents think the Known Crewmember Program is a safety risk, following news that four flight attendants smuggled drug money out of the US.

Incredible images of the building of the Berlin Wall

It's Official: We Found the 40 Prettiest Flowers in the World

How many of these breathtaking beauties do you recognize? As is often the case with beautiful things, we've given flowers meaning—so much so that even looking at one can make you feel more alive. A plain red rose has become a romantic expression of love and sunny daffodils represent the rebirth of the planet every spring. Of course, because they're plants, we also use them in more practical ways: Silky flower petals have been crushed and distilled into essential oils and perfumes for centuries, and we've figured out how to eat some of them and make tea with select leaves, stalks, and blooms. But to put it simply, the joy of admiring a gorgeous, colorful flower is unmatched. (Though we should note that some are best admired from afar because of toxicity.) Not to mention, no two flowers are exactly the same. Some rise out of the water to bloom while others sprout vines that go where they want…permanently decorating the side of your house. Even low bushes can produce incredible blossoms, like giant peonies, and if you've ever sat under a cherry blossom tree with a cool breeze blowing tiny petals around you, you know how magnificent flowering trees can be. A person who loves flowers is called an "anthophile," and if this describes you, you'll probably recognize most—if not all—of the flowers below. Rare or common, bright or soft, simple or complex, these beautiful flowers from around the world are certainly sights to behold.

13 Nostalgic Photos of Vintage Amusement Parks

What a thrill.

China seeks to build world's largest national park system

Across plateaus, mountains, and rainforests, wildlife is rebounding in China as the country strives to establish the world's largest national park system by 2035. WATCH MORE: SUBSCRIBE: LIKE:

One of the US's busiest cruise ports can't keep up with America's love for vacations at sea — but an urgent new terminal will help meet the demand for giant cruise ships

Port Canaveral's cruise terminals are so in demand that it's starting to turn away business. To alleviate this, it's quickly building a new terminal.

Unraveling the Mysteries of Big Foot, Loch Ness, and Bermuda Triangle

Tips on how to survive a long-haul flight

Whether you're embarking on an eight-hour flight or a lengthy 20-hour journey, long-haul flights can be boring, uncomfortable, and exhausting. Sometimes long-haul travel can perhaps become super inconvenient with annoying passengers, or even dangerous due to deep-vein thrombosis. Not only does a poorly planned journey ruin your flight, but also the days that follow. If you want to make your long-haul flight infinitely more bearable, click through the following gallery for some essential tips.

The origins of your favorite carnival rides

Amusement and theme parks across the world feature some of the most iconic carnival and fairground attractions ever created, things like the Ferris wheel, the rollercoaster, and the carousel. But have you ever wondered when these spectacular rides were invented, and by whom? Click through and enjoy the thrill of finding out!

Shining A Light On TV In Central & Eastern Europe And Beyond: NEM Dubrovnik Sets Out Its Stall

NEM Dubrovnik is the international TV event that the industry told Sanja Božić-Ljubičić would never work… but which quickly established itself as a diary date for buyers, sellers and senior execs. "There are a lot of festivals and markets and my business friends and colleagues said this will never fly," recalls Božić-Ljubičić, CEO of Mediavision, […]

This picturesque city named America's new outdoor sports capital

This unexpected pick of a city has become a top choice for world class athletes to settle down.

British Retiree Who Died On Board SQ321 Was Headed For Vacation With Wife

He was suspected of dying from a cardiac event when the plane hit rough weather.

Trains severely disrupted as heavy downpours spark deluges in Britain

Avanti West Coast services were cancelled after the line became deluged between Carlisle and Lockerbie, with passengers warned: 'Do not travel north of Preston'.

Everything you need to know about Scottish culture and traditions

Scotland boasts a rich heritage of unique customs and traditions. You may know that the flag is blue and white, and the national dish is haggis, but do you know the first-footing tradition or what the Loony Dook is? This gallery covers it all, so whether you're planning a vacation or simply curious about the country's practices, click through to find out all you need to know about Scotland's cultural tapestry.

Flooding shuts cross-border rail line

National Rail said the West Coast Main Line between Carlisle and Lockerbie is blocked.

Want To Retire Abroad? Top Cheap and Popular Places To Consider in Asia

If retirement is on your horizon or already a reality, considering the opportunities and affordability of retiring abroad might be a worthwhile venture. Asia, known for its lush greenery, stunning...

40 Things That Didn't Exist 40 Years Ago

The world really was a different place back then.

Hampshire & Isle of Wight: Thursday's Big Picture

Showcasing the best images sent to us from around Hampshire & Isle of Wight.

22 Adults-Only Resorts for a Well-Deserved Vacation

These romantic retreats have everything you need—except children.

10 of the Most Unique Museums In the United States

Add these one-of-a-kind destinations to your travel bucket list.

Intriguing and unknown facts about Air Force One

If you're curious about the lives of American presidents, then Air Force One has a plethora of fascinating facts waiting to be explored. To uncover everything you never knew about the White House in the sky, fasten your seatbelt and keep your seat upright. Don't miss out on the opportunity to delve into the intriguing world of Air Force One and its role in American history. Click through the gallery to get started.

Things you should never buy at the airport

Huge 'traffic jam' of climbers snaking up ice-covered Everest slopes

Clips shared to social media showed a string of climbers snaking up the glacier in the 'death zone' - so called because the air is so thin that most have to rely on supplementary oxygen to survive

How the world likes to keep fit: Fascinating maps show how dance workouts are the globe's No.1 type of exercise in 2024, while it's pilates that's top in the UK, America and Australia

The maps are colour-coded to indicate the types of exercise each country's residents like the most, with the results generated by an analysis of the exercise people search for most on Google.

Strong winds lead to flight and ferry disruption

The fast craft ferry crossing and some flights are cancelled due to high winds.

Europe’s most dangerous tourist spots for pickpocketing (and how to protect yourself)

While a vacation is often seen as a time to relax, some destinations in Europe can offer the opposite experience. For instance, research by Quotezone, a travel insurance company, has shown that Italy, France, Spain, Germany, and the Netherlands are the top five most popular European countries where people are most likely to be pickpocketed. But what can you do to protect yourself and your valuables? And which tourist spots in particular are hotbeds for pickpocketing? This gallery contains all you need to know. Click to find out more.

Terrific tidbits about turtles

Turtles are strange-looking creatures, but they're widely loved and revered around the world. This is partly because of their ancient origins and their uniquely long lives, which many cultures believe gives them special wisdom. They symbolize knowledge, time, immortality, and the Earth. Many allegories and fables have been based around their slow and steady lifestyle. These mysterious reptiles come in all shapes and sizes, can inhabit land or water, and can live to the age of 150! There are plenty of reasons to wonder at the majesty of the turtle. Intrigued? Click through this gallery for more amazing facts.

7 Places To Retire That Are Similar to Europe but Way Cheaper

Who says you have to break the bank to retire somewhere with old-world European charm? GOBankingRates searched the globe for up-and-coming destinations that evoke the romance of the continent at just...

Safety, not profits, must be priority at cave, hillside temple sites, says NGO

IPOH: Environmentalists and nature lovers here are hoping more stringent guidelines are drawn up without further delay for fragile cave or hillside areas. Read full story

Postcard prints: Your Summer vacation wardrobe must-have

Postcard print dresses, shirts and more, the trend to transport you from the Ring Road to the Riviera…