The 10 animals that live the longest (one is immortal)

Among the most long-lived animals on planet Earth today are primarily a primitive species of jellyfish capable of regenerating themselves to the point of being considered, even, immortal. Following closely behind are sea sponges and corals while among vertebrates are the shark, the Greenland whale and the orca Granny, all species that live, or have life expectancies, for as long as several hundred years. In fact, the list of the longest-lived animals is quite long, but most of these animals are not very well known, partly because they are creatures we do not have to deal with. Let's find out which ten are the longest-lived.

School holiday sale: AirAsia offers fares from RM36 for selected destinations

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 30 — If you are searching for your next vacation destination, AirAsia has something exciting for you....

Lufthansa, Air France-KLM eye Flybe landing slots: report

FRANKFURT: Lufthansa and Air France-KLM are circling collapsed UK regional airline Flybe to try to obtain its take-off and landing slots at London’s Heathrow Airport, Britain’s Telegraph newspaper reported on Saturday.

Anxious moments for passengers on Firefly flight bound for Singapore

JOHOR BARU: About 66 passengers and four flight crew members onboard a Firefly flight from the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport in Subang, Selangor, bound for Seletar Airport in Singapore were frightened and anxious, no thanks to bad weather earlier today.

Taiwan resumes pre-Covid normalcy with return of Lantern Festival

TAIPEI: The celebration of 34th Lantern Festival at the capital here, today, signifies Taiwan’s return to pre-pandemic normalcy, said Taiwan Tourism Bureau director-general Chang Shi-Chung.

These are the most expensive neighborhoods in the world

China Daily | Automatic tipping prompt can turn off some patrons

Tipping is supposed to be an unforced gesture of kindness in the United States but as more businesses adopt digital payment methods, some people may feel uncomfortable when payment systems automatically pop up with hefty tips when the bill arrives. WATCH MORE:

34 Beautiful National Parks to Inspire Your Next 2023 Getaway

You don’t have to travel out of the United States for sights that will take your breath away.

The 10 best national cuisines in the world

China balloon: Many questions about suspected spy in the sky

What in the world is that thing? The massive white orb drifting across across United States airspace has triggered a diplomatic maelstrom and is blowing up on social media .

52 Beautiful Places to Satisfy Your Wanderlust From Afar

Go globe-trotting (virtually).

7 Delicious dishes to try when you visit Palma, Majorca

Palma, Majorca Palma, Majorca is truly a crowd favorite destination as it is famous for its rich history as well as a vibrant culture that attracts numerous tourists from all over the world. Visitors must not miss visiting this city as it is regarded as one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean. In Palma, Majorca, you will find some d...

The best new restaurants in KL to visit in February 2023

In the mood to explore the city’s latest eateries? Head over to these new restaurants in KL and Selangor in February 2023. If you’re asking yourself the most important question: Where should I eat right now? Don’t fret because we’re here to help. We have curated a guide with the latest must-visit restaurants in KL and Selangor to add to your ever-growing list in 2023. The best part? This guide will be updated every month, so it’s best to...

Forbidden archeological sites that are truly wonderful

Did you know that the Lascaux cave and its famous prehistoric paintings have been closed to tourists since 1967? Today, many popular archeological sites are partially restricted or, in some cases, completely off-limits to tourists.

These weird animals call Australia home

Headed to Pune? Here's what you shouldn't miss!

Plectrum: hydrogen superyacht, measuring 74 meters and flying over the water at 140 Km/h

It's called Plectrum the latest luxury yacht designed by the Italian design studio Lazzarini. 74 meters long, it is designed to be the fastest in its category thanks to a system equal to that of a hydrofoil. The inspiration comes from the catamarans of the America's Cup but instead of being pushed by the wind, "Plectrum" moves and rises above the surface of the water before leaving. Plectrum is very powerful with three hydrogen-powered engines of 5000 hp each that allow it to reach a maximum speed of 75 knots (140 km / h). The construction is entirely made of carbon fiber composite materials.

Over 300,000 people expected at Batu Caves

KUALA LUMPUR: Over 300,000 visitors are expected to throng Batu Caves in conjunction with the Thaipusam celebration, which began yesterday evening and continues until today, says acting Selangor police chief Deputy Comm Datuk S. Sasikala Devi. Read full story

China resumes issuing visas for Japanese citizens

TOKYO: The Chinese embassy in Tokyo announced Sunday that it would resume issuing visas to Japanese citizens.

30 of the Most Incredible Islands in the World to Visit Now

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Experience the top 17 attractions in Chattanooga

Begpackers Are Back, One Couple Spotted In Bukit Bintang

Begging or vagrancy is a crime under Section 27(C) of the Minor Offences Act 1955 and many believe these 'begpackers' are more than capable of supporting themselves.

Malaysian tourists spend RM600 million on food in Thailand

SHAH ALAM - Malaysians were estimated to spend over RM3 billion in tourism at Thailand last year with RM600 million spent on food, said Thailand Tourism Authority (Tat). Its Deputy Governor Tanes Petsuwan said this comes after a surge of over 1.5 million Malaysian tourists last year after two years of a slump due to the Covid pandemic. Tanes said M...

The 2022 Shanghai Ranking: these are the best universities in the world

Thaipusam and its significance

Thaipusam is an Indian festival where over a million of Hindus gather every year at various temples to celebrate the occasion. The celebration is mainly for Tamil communuties and it is widely known in India, Malaysia and many other countries. January or February month marks the most auspicious month for Lord Murugan devotees. Dressed in bright yell...

The Most Beautiful Waterfalls Ever Created By Mother Nature

From Angel Falls to Niagara Falls, get ready to be wowed!

Vietnam News | Da Nang - “City of bridges”

Da Nang is known as the “city of bridges”, with several bridges across the Han River that have become famous tourist destinations. WATCH MORE: SUBSCRIBE: LIKE:

Thaipusam traders happy to be back again

BATU CAVES - As much as the worshippers and visitors, the return of Thaipusam celebrations were relished by traders who have long looked forward to brisk business amidst the festivities here. After a two-year hiatus due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the return of the festival also saw a strong presence of traders catering to crowds that thronged the we...

Unforgettable Steaks in Dubai (11 Woodfire One Michelin Star)

This was one unforgettable trip. Started off a little bumpy as I was worried that my friend @MelVinegar couldn't get on plane but we manage to create miracles, thanks Yully! Thanks Qimen too! His Royal Hai-Ness, Our Crown Prince of Rawang finally managed to arrive in Dubai. Our @SheratonHotels Hotel is connected to Mall Of Emirates, so it's really really convenient for both travel and shopping!! The hotel lounge is beautiful and usually filled with good food so we will never get hungry. Did some shopping and had lunch at Cheesecake Factory. Then we took a little afternoon nap. Dinner was divine. We had dinner at 11 Woodfire. It's a One Michelin Star Restaurant. Every dish was delicious and their steaks are especially unforgettable. It's the way that the steaks are prepared. So juicy, flavorful, succulent, and totally a new experience to me. Especially the flavor. My first Michelin Star anyway. I was actually really full when the steaks arrived because we had a train of appetizers before the main course, steaks! Thank you Team Top G. After dinner, we walked to a nearby mall to chill a bit before heading back to hotel. There was some celebration in the mall because it was UAE National Day. What an experience! PS : Since Dubai I've been always craving for steaks.... SHEET MUSIC & Mp3 ▸ LEARN MY SONGS ▸ Listen on Spotify ▸ Listen on Apple Music ▸ Full Song List ▸ Talk to me : Instagram ▸ Facebook ▸ Twitter ▸

The 12 Most Romantic Hotels in New York City

From the Rockaways to the Upper East Side, here's where to stay to get those sparks flying.

Travel discounts and special rates up for grabs at Sabah MATTA Fair this May

KOTA KINABALU: New destinations, travel discounts and special domestic vendor rates are up for grabs in the Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents (MATTA) fair here in May. Read full story

Singapore: 5 reasons to visit

Singapore, whose full name is the Republic of Singapore, is a city-state in Southeast Asia on the island of the same name and 63 adjacent islets. Singapore has over time developed means of managing inland waters and protecting them from external ones, while taking areas of urbanization and industrial development away from the sea. Singapore boasts many interesting tourist attractions: we point out the national parks, the botanical gardens (Gardens by the Bay), the famous hotel Marina Bay Sands, the zoo (28 hectares of tropical forest) and the unforgettable street food. A vibrant city that has become one of the most interesting destinations in Asia. An added advantage while visiting Singapore: this country has good weather all year round. What are the reasons to visit Singapore? Browse through the gallery to find out.

New homestays will add value to Pos Gob

GUA MUSANG - The Orang Asli community in Pos Gob has welcomed the government’s efforts to develop their settlement area as an eco-tourism site with a variety of attractions for both domestic and foreign visitors. Located about a five-hour drive on a logging road from Gua Musang town, Pos Gob, which is the most remote Orang Asli settlement in Kelant...

Thaipusam: Tourists flock Batu Caves, soak in festivities

BATU CAVES: While Hindus rejoiced to celebrate Lord Muruga on Thaipusam at Sri Subramaniar Swamy Temple Batu Caves, visitors too did not want to miss out on the grandeur of the festival.

A lively and colourful Thaipusam celebration in Penang

GEORGE TOWN: A festive air hung over Jalan Kebun Bunga/Jalan Air Terjun here, as thousands of devotees and tourists thronged the site for the annual Thaipusam celebration.

A foodie's guide to Pune

Where is the most remote place on Earth?

Ride Through Japan On The Back Of A Classic Kawasaki Meguro K3

Take a moto vlogging trip through Tokyo and through the history of the Meguuro with this video.

The World's 19 Most Beautiful Historic Castles

They're literally fit for kings.

Cracking show of Malaysian inclusivity

GEORGE TOWN: The diversity and inclusivity that is proudly Malaysian was proven yet again at the start of Thaipusam celebrations today everywhere in the country. Read full story

Turkey: bus ends up in the lake, panic among passengers (video)

Images recorded by internal cameras of a public bus in the eastern Turkish city of Malatya captured the moment the vehicle ended up in the lake. To rescue the passengers, some people who were on the shore. Fortunately there were no casualties, but only three wounded. The cause of the accident is not yet known. But they were moments of terror for the 7 people on board the bus. The driver allegedly lost control of the vehicle that ended up in the water. In the images of the security camera you can see the panic of the passengers as the water enters the bus after it has ended up in the lake.

Pelancong asing teruja lihat sambutan Thaipusam P.Pinang

Lautan penganut Hindu dan pelancong asing banjiri sambutan Thaipusam di Pulau Pinang.

Firefly flight forced to divert to Senai International Airport, with 66 onboard

JOHOR BAHRU - A total of 66 passengers and four crew members aboard a Firefly airline plane destined for Seletar Airport (XSP) from Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport (SZB), Subang Selangor, faced an emergency situation due to bad weather today. In a statement, the airlines said that the FY3124 aircraft departed from Subang Airport at 7.20am and was sc...

What happened to the artists of 'We Are the World'?

Try these 7 local delicacies on your trip to Charleston

A rare scenery on icy Bosten Lake in Xinjiang

Nature is unrivalled in creating some of the world's greatest works of art. Such a masterpiece has emerged at the icy Bosten Lake in China's Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region. WATCH MORE: SUBSCRIBE: LIKE:

Foreigners impressed with Penang’s diverse culture during celebration to pay homage to Jade Emperor

GEORGE TOWN: The crowd started to build up along the stretch of clan jetties along Weld Quay here to pay homage to the Jade Emperor as early as 6pm Sunday (Jan 29). Read full story

Best Travel & Tourism stocks to follow in 2022.

Travel and tourism is a broad category, with a diverse list of well-known brands. Ecotourism is a fast-growing niche, especially among young travelers. Tourism sector has been perhaps the hardest hit part of the economy by the COVID-19 pandemic. This list presents some of the best travel and tourism stocks to track in the post-pandemic era. The list's performance is calculated on an equally weighted method.

Over 25,000 devotees visited Sri Subramaniar Temple here, says Perak top cop

IPOH: More than 25,000 Hindu devotees and tourists visited the Sri Subramaniar Temple at Gunung Cheroh on Thaipusam day, says Comm Datuk Seri Mohd Yusri Hassan Basri. Read full story

14 Breathtakingly beautiful places in Bucharest

Formerly known as "Little Paris" for its magnificent architecture, explore Bucharest's huge city parks, works of art, and exhibitions at its outstanding museums, and get lost in the gritty yet attractive streets that thread through the Old Town. Take a trip down Calea Victoriei to see some of the country's most important structures and monuments, a...