American Airlines told mother of a 10-year-old unaccompanied passenger she couldn't collect her daughter from the airport

Alexis Westergren faced a battle with American Airlines staff after her daughter flew unaccompanied from Portland to Chicago.

Beaches, mountains, ancient towns and low prices? Albania has it all

“It used to be rare that journalists would come here,” says Elton Caushi, head of tour operator Albanian Trip, who I meet in the capital, Tirana. “When they did come, they only wanted to talk about blood feuds and sworn virgins.” The traditions that once dominated tribal politics in Albania’s mountains are interesting, but I’m here to probe a more recent view of the south-east European country. Thanks to its beaches, Unesco-stamped cities and...

I helped milk 70 goats twice a day in exchange for food and a place to stay — and it was one of the best experiences of my life

I was a freshman at Brandeis University in Boston volunteered at Left Foot Farm, 55 miles south of Seattle, caring for goats during the Covid pandemic.

Stock horror as lost Oxo cubes ruin camping trip

Your article ( ‘We always bring a teapot’: readers share the unusual items they take on holiday, 5 August) brought to mind a camping trip through France many years ago. Close to Calais, I went to wash up after dinner at the communal basins and next to me was an Englishman on his first evening on holiday. He filled his basin and emptied his cookware, crockery and cutlery into it, only to see two dozen sodden Oxo cubes rise to the surface. He was...

I quit van life after 4 years and moved into a house. Here's why I gave up living on the road and don't regret it.

By the time I moved into my home in Moab, Utah, I was tired of hunting for Wi-Fi, searching for parking spaces, and spending so much time alone.

Some airline workers say management is out of touch with how this summer's flight chaos is impacting passengers and employees on the ground

"Management just looks at numbers," one Air Canada employee told Insider. "I feel like they should actually be on ground level to see what's going on."

#JOM! GO: 10 not-to-be-missed Langkawi spots

WHEN you’re looking for the ultimate tropical escape in Malaysia, Langkawi - home to the most lovely cascades and forest valleys in the world is by a long shot the main contender.

Airlines lose unaccompanied children all the time, says a former flight attendant, so she set up a company to help

Children traveling alone become a second priority when airlines face disruption, says former flight attendant Shelly-Ann Cawley.

I'm a luxury travel agent for the ultra-wealthy. I've sent out search teams for lost luggage and booked a $15,000 private flight for a COVID-positive client.

Stacy Fischer Rosenthal has been in the business for 40 years and has never seen such chaos, from changing plans due to weather to lost bag emergencies.

New system to allow entry of foreigners to Jeju Island

JEJU (South Korea): The South Korean government plans to introduce a system that authorises foreigners to enter the southern resort island of Jeju using the internet and mobile applications.

Expedia's bounceback in hotel bookings looks good — until you compare it to how many people are flocking back to Airbnb

Expedia reported an 8% rise in hotel bookings from 2019. Airbnb said its gross bookings rose 73% from 3 years ago, as it swung to a huge profit.

Air Canada is refusing to compensate passengers for cancellations thanks to a policy that lets them call staff shortages a safety problem

Air Canada introduced a policy during COVID-19 that allows employees to classify flight cancellations caused by staff shortages as a "safety" problem.

From barren land to hidden gem: Welcome to Mangala Resort and Spa!

THE Loch Ness monster? What?! I shoot up with a start from my cosy perch on the synthetic rattan chair, the book on my lap dropping with a loud thud onto the wooden deck. Squinting hard into the distance, I can barely make out the silhouette of “something” emerging from the lake.

Chinese tourists eager to return to Sabah, says Jafry

KUALA LUMPUR: Sabah’s efforts to revitalise its tourism industry has received another boost, with China Southern Airlines and China Eastern Airlines declaring their intention to resume direct flight operations.

Mar-a-Lago: Donald Trump's Florida residence

Mar-a-Lago: Donald Trump's Florida residence

Signs of love? Italy has designated romantic zones – would you kiss on demand?

Name: Romantic zones. Age: Ancient in many cases, if only recently signposted. Appearance: Vantage points so picturesque as to incite passion. Sounds exciting. Are there any in the Kettering area? No. Are there any within easy reach of Kettering? They’re all in Italy. That seems a bit unfair. It’s an Italian initiative. Scenic trysting places have been furnished with signs saying: “ Zona romantica” and: “ Obbligatorio baciarsi”. What does that...

Airline passengers boarded, deplaned, then boarded again before their flight was canceled after technical issues and staffing problems

A Wizz Air flight was delayed by technical issues and later canceled due to staffing issues after passengers had been boarded and deplaned twice.

Qatar Airways passenger was forced to spend five days of her vacation without her wheelchair after it got lost

"Terrified" Qatar passenger from Australia to Scotland had to alter her schedule and plan "every minute" of the day after her wheelchair went missing.

American Airlines rebooked a mom on a flight home that would have forced her to leave her 7- and 8-year-old sons behind for days in NYC

Sarah Ripmaster had to spend hours on the phone with American Airlines to get her sons on the same rebooked flight or face leaving them behind.

10 top UK hotel pools with a view

The Scarlet, Mawgan Porth, Cornwall Set on the clifftop overlooking the spectacular Cornish coastline, the freshwater pool at the Scarlet is fringed with reeds and studded with granite rocks, giving it a wonderfully un-hotel, wild swimming feel. Warm up afterwards in one of the log-fired hot tubs, just along the hillside, or take a dip in the glass-walled indoor pool, part of the tranquil Scarlet spa. An adults-only retreat, the Scarlet is an...

I was a flight attendant for 10 years. Here are 10 of the biggest mistakes passengers make.

A former airplane crew member advises fliers against walking barefoot on dirty floors, drinking too much alcohol, and sitting in bulkhead seats.

Delta Air Lines pilot pleads with passengers to complain after their flight is canceled twice

Dustin Olson was trying to fly from New Orleans to La Guardia when his flight was canceled twice before being asked to board for a third time.

Tell us about your favourite ice cream parlour for the chance to win a £200 holiday voucher

There is no greater moment of bliss than licking your way through a deliciously cool ice cream on a hot summer’s day. And now thanks to the world’s first ever drive-thru parlour, opened at The Ice Cream Farm in Cheshire, you can even enjoy a creamy cone from the comfort of your car. Beyond Britain, Europe is not short of sweet flavours and delightful places to get your hands on a sundae treat. Whether it’s fresh gelato in Italy or a homemade...

A TikToker booked an Airbnb in Bali for a romantic getaway. When she arrived, she found an overgrown ghost town.

Bree Robertson expected a luxurious property with an infinity pool. Instead, she found a vacant property with algae-filled water.

Nearly 950 US flights were cancelled and more than 7,700 were delayed on Sunday as travel chaos took its toll

Southwest Airlines cancelled and delayed the most flights out of any US airline on Sunday, according to flight-tracking site FlightAware.

Sales are soaring for Tui but the cost of living crisis could soon bite

Hundreds of flights delayed or cancelled, an engine fire on a Tui plane at Manchester airport, and an abject apology from the managing director … it has not been an easy summer for the world’s biggest tour operator. On Wednesday, a Tui report on bookings and revenues from April to June will shine a light on the whole holiday sector during its peak period. A surge in demand for travel has caused chaos at airports in the UK and elsewhere in...

About 80,000 tourists reportedly stranded in China resort city after authorities declared it a COVID-19 hot spot

Some 80,000 tourists are stranded in the Chinese resort city of Sanya after authorities put the area under lockdown calling it a COVID hotspot.

10 Things to Do in Smithville, Texas—Home of Hope Floats

Fall in love with this small-town charmer on the outskirts of Texas Hill Country.

The FAA wants to know what you think about the size of your airline seat

Body that regulates airlines and air travel seeks submissions about the impact of seat size on safety for young and older travelers in particular.

I had the ultimate travel nightmare when my passport was stolen during a trip abroad. Here's how I got a new one in less than 24 hours.

There's nothing more stressful than losing your passport in a foreign country. Here's how Insider's travel reporter dealt with the situation.

Slovenia launches 16-day cycle route for wellness enthusiasts

Slow down and enjoy the journey on Slovenia's new sustainable cycling route, taking in the country's gorgeous green landscapes and health resorts...

The Best Things To Do in Amarillo—Texas' Route 66 City

Welcome to cowboy country, featuring a legendary steakhouse challenge.

Entry fee hike for two Komodo National Park islands postponed

JAKARTA: A move to significantly hike the entry fees into the two key islands in the Komodo National Park in East Nusa Tenggara has been postponed to next year.

Hong Kong's iconic Jumbo Floating Restaurant is stuck upside down on a coral reef after capsizing earlier this summer

Jumbo Floating Restaurant, which closed in 2020 as the coronavirus reduced tourism in the area, capsized in the South China Sea after being towed from Hong Kong.

Wild east: five Balkan countries to discover for your next holiday

Montenegro With the Adriatic to the south and mountain ranges in the north, Montenegro is an easy place to combine a beach break with a more active holiday. The beach scene is centred on the medieval walled city of Budva, which has a 22-mile strip of sandy and pebbly coastline. Lake Skadar, southern Europe’s biggest, is about an hour’s drive away, perfect for boating among water lilies and Dalmatian pelicans. Fjord-like, Unesco-listed Bay of...

How to Spend a Long Weekend in McKinney, Texas

Eats, drinks, shopping, and local charm make McKinney a must-stop while in North Texas.

An airline gave a passenger $2,740 after it forgot his wheelchair on his transatlantic flights to and from New York

Michael Strunk Kristiansen flew from Copenhagen to New York and back in July, and Icelandair lost his wheelchair in both directions.

I travel by Amtrak every few months, and I'm more productive on the train than in any coworking space. Here's how I optimize working on the move.

Writer Rossilynne Culgan shares why she thinks the best office in America for productiveness isn't an office at all — it's a seat on an Amtrak train.

Air Canada was right to revoke a colleague's flying privileges after her daughter complained, flight attendant says

An Air Canada flight attendant told Insider the woman who complained about the airline's service should "keep her head down" to save her mother's job.

A woman who visited Ezra Miller's Airbnb in Iceland said everyone there seemed 'hypnotized'

In an investigation into the actor's behavior, sources told Insider there were rumors in Iceland that Miller was running a cult out of their Airbnb.

JetBlue's CEO says he has to 'over-hire' just to retain the number of staff the airline needs, following an exodus of workers from the industry

"With COVID, we lost a lot of experienced people," JetBlue CEO Robin Hayes said in an interview with the BBC this week.

We've been living in a tent for 5 months because we couldn't afford our $1,200 rent. Now we're preparing for winter in Maine.

Lauren Bahre and her husband left their home under threat of eviction as they couldn't make rent. They now live in a tent moored in a national park.

Travel insurance probably won't save you during this summer's airline chaos. Here's when it's worth buying trip protection — and when it's not.

Insider spoke to one of the country's leading insurance experts to figure out when it's worth it to buy travel insurance for your next flight.

#JOM! GO: Singapore's adventure for the 'little' big explorers

ITCHING to take a break and find a place for some family fun?

Startup international airline Northern Pacific will fly to Mexico instead of Japan and Korea due to Russian airspace restrictions

The carrier initially planned to fly to Japan and South Korea but closed Russian airspace has forced the airline to delay its plans.

Two bearded Muslim men sue Alaska Airlines after being removed from a flight when a passenger heard them speak Arabic

The men were told to leave their first-class seats on an Alaska Airlines flight after a passenger took issue with their use of Arabic, lawsuit states.

The Guardian view on ancient trees: natural monuments need protecting

Efforts to increase the level of protection available to ancient – or simply old – trees in the UK have been building for some time. In 2019, Janis Fry, an artist and yew expert living in Wales, launched a petition calling for new laws that would prevent the destruction of about 157 ancient yew trees at least 2,000 years old. Since then, the chorus of disapproval about current provision has grown steadily louder (if not exactly deafening: tree...

German airline Lufthansa to hire antisemitism officer after barring more than 100 Jewish passengers from connecting flight, report says

The German airline will appoint a senior-level antisemitism officer, per reports, after an incident in May saw Jewish passengers barred from a flight.

A Delta flight attendant who says workers were abused by passengers calls for a better sick policy to help them recover from the stress

The Atlanta-based worker told The Guardian that she and her colleagues put up with being "abused by passengers, verbally and physically."

Summer travel chaos can make things even more difficult for passengers with disabilities: These are the 10 accommodations airlines are required to provide

This summer's travel chaos has made flying with a disability even more difficult — here are the 10 accommodations airlines are required to provide.