SHAH ALAM - Staying in a hotel with an indoor pool can be an exciting experience for families, offering a fun and relaxing way to spend time together.

Indoor pools provide an excellent opportunity for children to enjoy swimming regardless of the weather outside, and they can become a central part of a memorable family vacation.

However, the presence of a pool also brings certain risks that parents and guardians need to address to ensure their children's safety.

While hotels often have lifeguards and safety measures in place, it is ultimately the responsibility of the parents to remain vigilant and proactive.

Here are several important steps to keep your children safe during your stay:


First and foremost, always supervise your children whenever they are near or in the pool. Never leave them unattended, even for a moment.

Constant adult supervision is crucial to prevent accidents and respond quickly if something goes wrong.

The presence of a vigilant adult can be the difference between a safe, enjoyable experience and a tragic incident.

Establish pool rules and educate about pool safety

Establishing clear pool rules before your children enter the water is essential.

Make sure they understand that there is no running, no diving, and no rough play allowed.

These rules help prevent common poolside accidents and ensure that everyone enjoys the pool safely. Having a set of established guidelines can greatly reduce the risk of injuries.

Educating your children about basic pool safety is another crucial step.

Teach them how to float, tread water, and the importance of staying away from drains and filters.

This knowledge can be lifesaving in an emergency and can help your children feel more secure in the water. Simple safety lessons can make a significant impact on their behaviour and confidence around water.

Familiarise with the pool area

Upon arrival at the hotel, take a few moments to familiarise yourself and your children with the pool area.

Identify the locations of safety equipment, exits, and any potential hazards such as slippery surfaces or deep ends.

This tour can help your children feel more comfortable and aware of their surroundings, while also giving you peace of mind.

Use floatation devices and keep the pool area secure

For young or inexperienced swimmers, using proper flotation devices is a must. Equip them with life jackets or arm floaties that are properly fitted and meet safety standards.

These devices can provide an extra layer of security and boost your children's confidence in the water. It’s important that these flotation aids are used correctly and are well-maintained.

When not using the pool, ensure that access is restricted to prevent your children from entering the area unsupervised.

If the pool area has a gate, make sure it is securely closed and locked. If there is no gate, set strict rules about not approaching the pool without an adult present.

This step is crucial in maintaining a safe environment when the pool is not in use.

Monitor for fatigue and hydration

Additionally, keep a close eye on your children for signs of fatigue or overexertion.

Swimming can be physically demanding, and tiredness can lead to accidents. Encourage regular breaks and ensure they stay hydrated.

Fatigue can compromise their safety and increase the risk of drowning.

Swimming Lessons

Consider enrolling your children in swimming lessons if they are not already proficient swimmers.

Knowing how to swim can significantly reduce the risk of drowning and increase their confidence and safety in the water. Swimming lessons provide them with essential skills that enhance their ability to handle themselves in the water safely.

By following these detailed steps, you can create a safe and enjoyable environment for your children in a hotel with an indoor pool.

Supervision, education, and preparedness are key to ensuring a seamless experience, allowing your family to make the most of your time together while staying safe.

These precautions are crucial to prevent unfortunate incidents.

Just recently, in a heart-wrenching case, influencer Jasmine Yong’s two-year-old son, Enzo, drowned in a hotel’s indoor pool while his parents were napping.

During a Mother’s Day stay on 11 May, Enzo wandered out of the room and into the pool area, where the door had been left unlocked.

Yong recounted the tragic event in a series of Instagram posts, explaining how the family had been relaxing and napping together when they awoke to find Enzo missing.

Upon discovering the pool door ajar, Yong rushed to find Enzo floating unresponsive in the water.

Despite immediate attempts to perform CPR and subsequent efforts by hotel staff and emergency responders, Enzo could not be revived.

Although he momentarily regained a heartbeat after being taken to the hospital, Enzo ultimately succumbed to the effects of insufficient oxygen.

Yong shared her grief with her 472,000 followers, urging them not to spread misinformation about the incident.

She posted a series of heartfelt tributes, including photos and videos from a memorial for Enzo, who she described as a "happy little angel."

The tragedy marks a devastating moment for Yong and her husband, Lim Kong Wang, both known for sharing their family adventures and moments with Enzo online.

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