This is how much it's going to cost to de-mine Ukraine

Is New York your next dreamy getaway? Check these spots out

New York is primarily known for its most sought-after city on Earth, New York City. Home to United Nations, it is the financial and cultural hub of the world, significantly influencing commerce, entertainment, research, technology, and tourism, and is also the most photogenic place on Earth. Iconic Empire State Building, lush green Central Park, an...

Airlines in Russia are still buying tens of millions in sanctioned parts

ParkCity Hanoi continues to grow

KUALA LUMPUR (May 28): ParkCity Hanoi, the award-winning township in Vietnam, has completed and handed over a number of developments such as park homes Nadyne Gardens (177 units) in 2014, and Evelyne Gardens (165 units) in 2017, as well as luxury park homes The Mansions (146 units) in 2020. ParkCity Group CEO Datuk Joseph Lau says, “Our most recent handovers are the condominium Park Kiara (432 units) and garden villas Le Jardin (57 units) in...

Best Travel & Tourism stocks to follow in 2023.

Travel and tourism is a broad category, with a diverse list of well-known brands. Ecotourism is a fast-growing niche, especially among young travelers. Tourism sector has been perhaps the hardest hit part of the economy by the COVID-19 pandemic. This list presents some of the best travel and tourism stocks to track in the post-pandemic era. The list's performance is calculated on an equally weighted method.

These are the countries with the oldest populations

Truly Fascinating Places You Won't Believe Are in the United States

From lunar-like landscapes to European-style castles.

52 Beautiful Places to Satisfy Your Wanderlust From Afar

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The world’s lakes are losing their water and it's looking bad

Improve country’s image, says Tiong

PETALING JAYA: Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing has called for efforts to safeguard the country's image as tourism activities pick up and some issues have surfaced. Read full story

Ten castles still inhabited in Italy

Be enchanted by the legendary atmosphere of these ancient manors and admire the majesty of their towers and walls. These castles, long inhabited, not only provide a backdrop of timeless architectural beauty, but also encapsulate centuries-old stories that have helped shape our culture and way of being.Be inspired by the beauty of Italian castles and discover the history of these magical places. Here are ten of Italy's most evocative castles still inhabited and guardians of beauty and art, amid ancient stones and centuries-old stories.

Experience the top 9 attractions in Jakarta

The Indonesian capital has operated as a seaport since around the 5th century, changing hands often between European colonizers and natives. Now, it has become a financial and commercial powerhouse that attracts around 2 million visitors each year. Among the many interesting attractions here include places of worship like the Istiqlal Mosque (the l...

40 Vintage Photos of Bars Through the Years

From many years and all over the world, partying is universal!

New York City is sinking! Experts warn the Big Apple's weight is an issue

Going to Disney? You Need a Travel Stroller

Whether you're going to grandma's or Disney World, we've got wheels that will make taking your kid a breeze.

All the Rules You Never Knew Restaurants Have to Follow on 'Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives'

First rule of Flavortown? Don't say the word "Flavortown" on camera. Since 2006, we've watched Guy Fieri travel coast to coast visiting some of the country's greatest establishments for Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. It's one of the biggest shows on the Food Network, and with over 648 episodes and counting, it doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime soon. But what does it take to become a Triple D-featured spot and how does it all work? Both Fieri and producers have spilled behind-the-scenes secrets about the show throughout its 42 seasons—from who picks the restaurants to how you can tell if the host really likes a dish to what happens to these eateries after the cameras leave (spoiler: a little thing called the Triple D Effect!). Keep reading to learn about all things Flavortown and find out what really happens when Fieri rolls into your town.

Cool and surprising facts about sea creatures that will amaze you

30 of the Most Incredible Islands in the World to Visit Now

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Plan your dream trip to Bhopal

Bhopal (/boʊˈpɑːl/; Hindustani: [bʱoːpaːl] ) is the capital city of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh and the administrative headquarters of both Bhopal district and Bhopal division. It is known as the City of Lakes for its various natural and artificial lakes and for being one of the greenest cities in India. It is the 16th largest city in India ...

TMM 2024: Melaka partners with Philippine travel agencies to attract 120,000 tourists

MELAKA - The Melaka state government has partnered with 80 Philippine travel agencies to attract about 120,000 tourists from the country next year in conjunction with the Visit Melaka Year 2024 (TMM 2024). State Tourism, Heritage, Arts and Culture Committee chairman Datuk Abdul Razak Abdul Rahman said this was done through the TMM 2024 campaign in ...

The Most Beautiful Waterfalls Ever Created By Mother Nature

From Angel Falls to Niagara Falls, get ready to be wowed!

You’ll never guess which planet has more moons than we thought

Where to go & what to do in Leh

Leh (/ˈleɪ/) is the joint capital and largest city of the union territory of Ladakh in India. Leh, located in the Leh district, was also the historical capital of the Kingdom of Ladakh, the seat of which was in the Leh Palace, the former residence of the royal family of Ladakh, built in the same style and about the same time as the Potala Palace in...

8 Places in California Where Home Prices Have Plummeted

California is one of the states in the U.S. where dreams really do come true. From the majestic sceneries up and down the coastline to the variety of fresh foods and the industries of Silicon...

Saddam Hussein's mega yacht: from most luxurious jewel in the sea to wreck used for picnics

Upside down in a river in southern Iraq lies the rusting wreck of a yacht that had belonged to Saddam Hussein. The Al Mansur was a symbol of Saddam's wealth and power when it was built in the 1980s. Today it is visited by tourists and fishermen who climb aboard the wreck to picnic and drink tea.It is a 120-metre megayacht designed for ocean voyages. Built by the former Wärtsila shipyard in Finland, it was delivered in 1983. In 2003, a few weeks before the US invasion, Saddam himself ordered the yacht to be transferred to the port of Basra to protect it from attack. However, it was a vain attempt because Al Mansur was heavily bombed during a raid on 27 March 2003. Since then, the yacht fell into disgrace and slowly began to capsize on its side.

The Best Places to Visit in Europe, from the Classics to the Up-and-Comers

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Bookmark these beautiful destinations for your trip to Sevierville

Sevierville in Tennessee is a must-visit city as it houses many famous tourist spots. One of which is the Titanic Museum, where guests can learn more about the tragic but historical events of the "unsinkable" ship. Aside from this, the city also houses some unique attractions, such as the Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Show. In Sevierville you will find s...

Absurd laws: surprising things that are illegal around the world

The coming El Niño is going to really hurt the world economy

The Best Perks of Being President of the United States

Being Commander-in-Chief comes with plenty of hidden advantages.

A foodie's guide to Charlottesville

Charlottesville Located in Virginia, Charlottesville is a perfect blend of rich history and modern architecture. Home to the University of Virginia, it features many beautiful lakes that offer recreational activities like Sailing, swimming, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, and tubing. Not to mention the lush green parks that spread all over the city. T...

The world's most expensive ice cream: why it is worth more than 6,000 euros

Are there people in the world who love ice cream so much that they are willing to spend their summer holiday money on it? If so, then you certainly won't want to miss out on a scoop of the ice cream that has won the title of the world's most expensive.Certified by the Guinness World Record, the record goes to the Japanese company Cellato, which has made an ice cream, called Byakuya, that costs a whopping 873,400 Japanese yen (5469 pounds; 6696 dollars) per single serving.The reason for its high cost is the extremely rare and extremely high quality ingredients. The question remains who could pay so much for ice cream.

Asiana Airlines bans some emergency seats after door-opening accident

SEOUL, South Korea - South Korea's Asiana Airlines has stopped selling some emergency seats following an accident in which a passenger opened an emergency exit mid-air, the carrier said Sunday. The incident took place onboard a A321-200 plane, which was carrying nearly 200 passengers as it approached the runway at Daegu International Airport, about...

The Top 15 Beaches to Visit on the East Coast

Widely considered to be the best stretches of sand along the Atlantic Ocean.

Headed to Parma? Don't miss these unforgettable attractions

Passengers on a P&O cruise ship were evacuated from their cabins at 3.30 a.m. after a fire broke out, reports say

Passengers on board the P&O cruise in Australia were allowed to return to their rooms at 5 a.m. after being awoken by an emergency alarm.

The World's 19 Most Beautiful Historic Castles

They're literally fit for kings.

Those Popular Gilded Agate Coasters From Anthropologie Are Finally on Sale

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AirTag To The Rescue! Sofyank’s Missing Backpack Found In The Philippines

Sofyank’s backpack went missing, but he managed to track it using Apple’s AirTag that was in his wallet.

Here are the Most Dangerous National Parks in the US

Make sure to follow any precautions before visiting.

27 Photos That’ll Make Winter Your Favorite Season

Pack your bags for these winter wonderlands.

Did You Know Some Coronation Souvenirs Are Worth More Than $15K?

But if you know where to look, you can find them for a steal.

Let’s Split: Croatian island-hopping is heavenly

Croatia’s coast is made up of 1,200 islands – some are glamorous and hotelled, some are grand rocks enveloped by gulls. Some are for naturists, some are for fishermen, some have lagoons so blue they appear Photoshopped. The most sensible and affordable way to travel between these islands is by ferry and, next year, the journeys will become more sensible still. Croatian national ferry company Jadrolinija is going electric. Designed to transport...

Dreaming of a Ica vacation?

Ica ([ˈika]) (Quechua: Ika) is a city and the capital of the Department of Ica in southern Peru. While the area was long inhabited by varying cultures of indigenous peoples, the Spanish conquistador Jerónimo Luis de Cabrera claimed its founding in 1563. Explore more about these beautiful destinations on Microsoft Travel. Whether you’re looking solo...

An island inhabited by cats in Japan. Does it really exist?

Tashirojima, also known as Cat Island, is a small island located in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. The island is home to about 100 residents and more than 100 cats, making it a popular destination for cat lovers from around the world. Cats on the island are considered good luck and are well cared for by locals. In addition to cats, the island is known for its beautiful scenery, including picturesque fishing villages and breathtaking ocean views. Overall, Tashirojima is a fascinating destination that offers a one-of-a-kind experience for travelers and especially for animal lovers.In our gallery we reveal some interesting facts about this particular island.

Maya, a 3,000-year-old "highway" discovered in the middle of the forest

A literally unbelievable discovery comes from South America, and specifically from the territories that once belonged to the Mayas, one of the three great pre-Columbian civilisations along with the Incas (Peru) and Aztecs (Mexico). In the territory between present-day Guatemala and Mexico, in fact, a huge network of highways has been discovered.The complex of roads and bridges dates back as far as 3000 years, and the team of scientists who made the discovery compared it in importance to the discovery of the Egyptian pyramids. It is estimated that the 'highway' continues for hundreds of kilometres and intersects some 417 ancient Maya settlements.For this discovery, a new technology called lidar was used, an advanced type of radar that reveals presences hidden by dense vegetation, resulting in 3D reconstructive images.

How Are the Characters From 1923 Related to Yellowstone's Duttons?

Here's how the latest branch of the Dutton family tree connects to Yellowstone's first family. Johns and Jacks and Jameses and Jacobs—the Yellowstone universe is packed with enough Duttons to make your head spin. Now, thanks to the latest Yellowstone prequel, 1923, there are even more names to keep track of. While there are still some secrets that have yet to be revealed about the family and how everyone is connected, we've made things a little easier by rounding up what we know so far about how the characters of 1923 relate to the Duttons of the modern day. Sign up for Paramount+ More: The Dutton Family Tree

10 most powerful passports in the world - do you have one?

Walt Disney's Standoff with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

In summary, Walt Disney never wanted a war with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, but the right-wing political leader went after the company after its former CEO Bob Chapek made a statement criticizing DeSantis' so-called ""don't say gay"" legislation. DeSantis has made a series of petty moves against Disney, but Disney CEO Bob Iger made it clear that his company had other options for its billions of dollars. Disney followed up on this by pulling a $1...

The ultimate travel guide to Bethlehem

When visiting Bethlehem, West Bank, guests should not miss seeing the Orthodox Church of Nativity. It is a historical place as it is an ancient 4th-century church. Aside from this, the city also houses Rachel's Tomb, a Judaism synagogue that plays an essential role in local culture and beliefs Explore more about these beautiful destinations on Micr...