• Carly Caramanna is a Disney-obsessed content creator and travel writer
  • She recently shared her experience staying at The Royal Hawaiian
  • Carly revealed that the rooms were 'outdated' and 'basic'

A woman who stayed at the 'Pink Palace of the Pacific' in Hawaii for a jaw-dropping $530 per night has detailed why she would never book a room at the 'basic' and 'outdated' hotel again. 

Carly Caramanna is a Disney-obsessed content creator who frequently shares her opinions on the delicious foods at the brand's theme parks. 

However, the adventure expert recently turned her sights on a different kind of experience and offered up her review on Hawaii's most aesthetically pleasing five-star resort, The Royal Hawaiian. 

And while it had been a lifelong dream for Carly to stay in the tourist hotspot, she left feeling very underwhelmed with the rooms, despite having paid more $500 for her one-night stay. 

The content creator and travel writer lifted the lid on her experience at the costly resort to Business Insider. 

She revealed that while on vacation with her mom, the duo decided to stay in the resort, which has been nicknamed the 'Pink Palace of the Pacific.' 

Carly admitted that staying at the Barbie-like home had been a 'dream' of hers. 

'The iconic 528-room hotel is famed for its pink facade and mai-tai cocktails. It also happens to be one of the first hotels in downtown Honolulu in the heart of all the action of Waikiki Beach,' she told the outlet.

Going into her stay, Carly had extremely high expectations, however she was disappointed upon arrival. 

She booked a room for a one-night stay in the cheapest section available, which was the West Wing. For a one-night stay, the room Carly stayed in cost $480. She also had to pay a $50 resort fee. 

And despite splashing out a lot of cash, the travel writer explained that she found her room to be quite bland. 

She told Insider: 'Once I saw my room, I wasn't impressed. It looked very basic and quite dated — especially because of the patterned carpet. I also found it to be lacking in natural light. ' 

The room featured two full-sized beds, which were covered with white comforters. It was decorated in pink wallpaper and the floor was smoothed over with tan carpet. 

And while the beds left much to be desired, Carly noted that the bathrooms were luckily more 'modern.'

While she loved the marbled tile, the glass shower doors, and mirrors with built-in lights, she wished that the space was much larger. 

Despite not being obsessed with her room, Carly gushed over the resort itself - adding that the beautiful greenery and open-air spots gave her sprawling views of the stunning ocean. 

She said: 'The green landscaping and florals around the property felt super lush. I also liked enjoyed seeing the hotel pool, which is surrounded by iconic pink and white lounge chairs, cabanas, and umbrellas.' 

And because the rooms were average, Carly spent the majority of her time on the lavish beaches, which she fell in love with. However, for the price she was paying to stay on the resort, Carly wasn't thrilled that she had to pay an extra fee to lounge on the chairs. 

Luckily, the money she saved on laying on towels on the sandy beaches was able to be used on the delicious alcoholic beverages. 

'One of the main reasons I wanted to visit The Royal Hawaiian was for its famous mai tais. The Royal Hawaiian is said to be the first to serve the Hawaiian version of the mai tai, which is now the most famous drink on the islands. Fortunately, the Royal Hawaiian's mai-tai bar is right on the beach, so it comes with sweeping views of the island,' she explained.

'During my trip, I ordered the classic Royal Hawaiian mai tai for $20. The price was comparable with what I paid for other mai tais on the island, and this rum cocktail was one of the very best drinks I tried during my trip.' 

In total, Carly had an average stay and enjoyed her time, but wouldn't spend the funds to stay in the Pink Palace again. 

She told the outlet: 'I'll definitely return to The Royal Hawaiian's bar for mai tais, but I won't be staying again as an overnight guest. '

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