• Ian Barratt, 81, from Maldon in Essex was unable to use the shower and toilet
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Furious passengers on a £400-a-night Caledonian Sleeper train were unable to wash or go to the toilet in their compartments after they were left without running water.

Passengers on board the 8.30pm train from Inverness to London Euston on Friday evening only found out about the water supply issues as they boarded the 'luxury' train. 

Elderly guests were unable to shower and were forced to use communal toilets 'down a long corridor' throughout the duration of the 12-hour journey. 

Ian Barratt, 81, from Maldon in Essex, who paid £800 for a return ticket said he sat down for breakfast on Saturday morning 'unwashed, unshaven and dirty'. 

He told the Daily Record: 'Embarrassed staff, willing and helpful though they were, suggested that passengers could use the few general passenger toilets situated on the express. 

Were YOU on the sleeper train? Email: [email protected]

'But for some people that required a long trek along a narrow corridor on a train which stretches several hundred yards in length.

'One passenger claimed he had suffered a similar plight on four previous trips.'

According to Mr Barratt, Caledonian Sleeper said there was 'nothing they could do but hand out cans of spring water' as the only maintenance depot was in London. 

He added: 'A member of staff seemed surprised that I had not been given prior warning of the problem, but the first I knew was when we were about to board the train at 8.30.

'This kind of situation isn't what one expects after paying over £800 for a return ticket. I feel this was a management failing.

Other passengers have previously hit out on social media about the lack of running water on board Caledonian Sleeper trains. 

Sharon Lewis posted on Facebook on April 2: 'We returned to the lounge for priority boarding to then be told (with a couple from neighbouring room) that both our double room facilities (toilet, shower, sink) were not functioning as there was no water in the carriage as it hadn't been tanked.

'Their offer - 33 per cent refund on our ticket !! There was no discussion with yourselves about full refund for the lack of services and still being allowed to travel which under the circumstances would of been a fair compromise.

'Both us and the neighbouring room ended up in a heated discussion where we ended up cancelling our plans and staying in London for the night at a hastily arranged hotel.' 

MailOnline has contacted Caledonian Sleeper for comment. 

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