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Archeologists just discovered a brand new ancient language

Stephanie Gilmore: How the queen of surf trains for the waves

Wellness tourism: tips to improve physical and mental health

Tourists prepared to wear face masks amid unhealthy air quality

MELAKA - The public, including tourists, in Melaka are prepared to wear face masks due to the unhealthy air quality in the state. Local tourist Asyraf Adnan, 31, from Taiping, Perak, said that so far, he has observed that the haze situation in Melaka is still under control and has not significantly affected visibility. "Up to now, my family and I c...

Travel blogger reveals what it's like to stay inside King Charles's Sandringham Estate Airbnb

Priced at between £237 and £354 per night, travel blogger Laura-Ann Barr opted for a stay at the four-bedroom house with her partner and children over the last few days.

Special zones for Airbnb-type short-lets being considered

Discussions are to be held between officials of the tourism ministry and the local government development ministry to work out rules for short-term rented accommodation.

The incredible revelations of the Dead Sea Scrolls

The Dead Sea Scrolls, a collection of ancient Jewish manuscripts, were discovered in caves in the desert by Bedouin shepherds in 1946. This archaeological find is considered one of the greatest of the 20th century and is of immense historical, religious, and linguistic importance. These parchment scrolls are the only known surviving biblical documents written before 100 CE, providing insight into events that occurred over 2,000 years ago. Explore this gallery to revisit the story behind this historical treasure.

Would you step foot on the Devil's bridge?

Located in the northern region of Portugal, on the border separating Montalegre and Vieira do Minho, stands an ancient bridge rumored to have been constructed by the Devil. Spanning the picturesque Rabagão River in the midst of the verdant Gerês mountain range, the Misarela Bridge is a mystical destination that should not be overlooked. Dive into the captivating tale behind the origins of this mysterious structure and discover the supernatural scares experienced by its visitors to this day.

Make travel easier for Chinese, Indian tourists, says think tank

Socio-Economic Research Centre executive director Lee Heng Guie says Malaysia must emulate Thailand and Indonesia in order to draw more tourists.

[Watch] Travel Vlogger Claims Malaysia “Not Safe” For LGBT People, How True Is It?

Scottish travel vloggers Nessie and Becca claimed Malaysia isn’t safe for LGBT individuals or couples but did not specify what they meant by unsafe.

Egypt uncovers eight storage rooms in Pyramid of Sahure

CAIRO, Egypt - A joint Egyptian-German archeological mission discovered eight storage rooms in the Pyramid of Sahure in Egypt's Giza province, the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities said in a statement on Tuesday. Mostafa Waziri, secretary general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, described the discovery as "very significant because ...

Inside the World’s Largest Bunker, an Ultra-Luxurious Shelter for Nuclear Disasters

Known as The Oppidum, the world's largest bunker is a mansion spanning over 30,000 square meters and is located on an old military base near Prague, in the Czech Republic. It's where the wealthiest can take refuge in the event of a nuclear disaster. Yes, you read that right.

Strange things people leave at the graves of famous figures

In some cultures, gravesites are cherished places where the living can continue to honor the dead. Most commonly, flowers, candles, and stuffed animals are left behind as symbols of love, respect, and admiration. These gifts are a way for people to feel connected with the deceased and to help their spirit live on. Some gravestones, however, have seen rather unusual items, only made more unusual if you have no context behind them (though sometimes even the context can't fully explain it...). These strange grave gifts often have fascinating tales tied to the deceased figure's history, and provide some insight into their lasting impact on people. Intrigued? Click through to see the most unusual things people leave at the graves of famous figures, and why.

Dad spent £25 to fly to Ibiza for 24-hour party with clothes in Asda carrier bag

A party-animal dad spent £25 jetting to Ibiza for 24 hours of raving - with nothing but a change of clothes in a carrier bag.

Timely help to rescue passengers

BALIK PULAU: A group of orchard workers had to break the window of an ill-fated van to free the passengers who were trapped inside after it plunged into a ravine on Sunday night. Read full story

Shorter travel time to Sibu airport soon

TRAVEL time from Sibu Airport to the town centre will be reduced by 20 minutes once the Jalan Sibujaya-Jalan Kong Yit Khim project is completed by January next year. Read full story

A Miracle At Sea: Dolphins save long-distance swimmer from shark attack

Exco man dismisses Penang Hill’s ‘tourist trap’ label by US daily

Wong Hon Wai says USA Today’s finding doesn’t take into account reviews made in languages other than English.

'Slow speed' crash of antique steam trains at Scottish rail station

EDINBURGH - The heritage steam locomotive the Flying Scotsman was involved in a "slow speed" crash with another heritage train hours before visitors were due to board, reported German news agency (dpa). The crash happened at Aviemore Railway Station, in the Cairngorms, Scottish Highlands, at 7.10pm on Friday. The station is home to Strathspey Railw...

‘Take alternative routes to reduce congestion’

Measures have been taken by Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) to minimise the impact of the Loke Yew roundabout closure on traffic flow in the city. Read full story

These are the most expensive paintings in the world

A Day in the Life of an American Sign Language Interpreter

With multiple ways to learn, find something that suits your time, your level, and your budget Are you interested in becoming an American Sign Language interpreter? Are you curious about what that type of work entails? Is it easy or hard? It’s important to note that an interpreter’s work can vary greatly, which does make this job intriguing. Here ar...

Changi Airport Will Have “Passport-Free” Departures In 2024

You will no longer need to present your passport, ticket, or boarding pass when leaving. The post Changi Airport Will Have “Passport-Free” Departures In 2024 appeared first on iMoney Malaysia.

The best getaways in the world, according to TripAdvisor

What are the Different Types of Sign Languages?

With multiple ways to learn, find something that suits your time, your level, and your budget Many people are surprised or even shocked to learn that American Sign Language is not universal. However, when you think about how many spoken languages there are across the globe, it makes sense that sign language would be the same. After all, American Si...

Best Spanish Schools in Spain: Inspiration for Future Travel

With multiple ways to learn, find something that suits your time, your level, and your budget Learning Spanish through immersion by being in Spain is an adventure, and a hugely beneficial experience. Not only will you be immersing yourself in the Spanish language but Spanish culture and history. Learn when and why certain traditions are important i...

Avoid These Blunders While Travelling With A Credit Card

Don’t waste the perks and benefits offered by your card. The post Avoid These Blunders While Travelling With A Credit Card appeared first on iMoney Malaysia.

Canada urges travellers to 'exercise high degree of caution' when visiting India

TRENTON - Canada warned travellers on Monday to "exercise a high degree of caution” if going to India due to deteriorating relations between the two countries over the assassination of a Sikh-Canadian leader. "In the context of recent developments in Canada and in India, there are calls for protests and some negative sentiment towards Canada on soc...

Probe Langkawi tourists' ‘no shorts and alcohol’ claim not lash out at critics, tourism minister tells Kedah MB

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 28 — Tourism, Arts, and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing has told the Kedah government to...

‘Don’t dismiss tourists’ complaints’

PETALING JAYA: Claims by some non-Muslim tourists in Langkawi of not being allowed to wear shorts and drink alcohol should be investigated and not dismissed by the relevant authorities, says Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing. Read full story

Top Tips For Travelling Overseas With Credit Cards

Dreading the card statement that comes after an overseas trip? Here is how you can save a little extra. The post Top Tips For Travelling Overseas With Credit Cards appeared first on iMoney Malaysia.

Your Official Road Trip Playlist: 150+ Songs Everyone Knows

With multiple ways to learn, find something that suits your time, your level, and your budget There’s nothing quite like a good road trip — it’s one of the best ways to spend time with friends and explore new scenery. To have a successful journey, you’ll need three things: a functioning vehicle, a full tank of gas, and (most importantly) an amazing...

Where are the Chinese visitors?

GEORGE TOWN: Chinese tourists are conspicuously missing here in Penang this time even though it is the “Golden Week” back in China now.Angel Tours Sdn Bhd Director Peter Leong said the number of tourists from China visiting Malaysia has dropped lately compared to before the pandemic. Read full story

Indian tourist goes missing after hiking in Cameron Highlands

A search-and-rescue operation has been mounted for the 44-year-old man, who is believed to have gone up the Gunung Jasar trail alone.

The 30 greatest rock bands of all time

Are you a fan of rock music? If so, you're in luck: in this gallery, we take a road trip down the rock 'n' roll history highway! We're looking at the best of the best. From AC/DC to Metallica, this is a true roll call of the greatest-ever bands. Ready? Then click on!

Residents keen to step up and take care of RoL sites

THE Brickfields community, through Brickfields Rukun Tetangga (RT) and Local Agenda 21 (LA21) Safe City KL, is willing and eager to volunteer time and effort to take care of River of Life (RoL) assets in their neighbourhood. Read full story

French Letters, Alphabet, & Pronunciation

With multiple ways to learn, find something that suits your time, your level, and your budget Ah, French. Whenever you watch a romantic movie, chances are good it’s set in France, and you notice three things: The Eiffel Tower seems to be everywhereAccordion music must be popularEveryone is, of course, speaking French (or English with a French accen...

Entire branches of life are going extinct and civilization could collapse

Chinese tourists get VIP welcome as Thai visa waiver scheme begins

Chinese tourists landing in Bangkok got a VIP welcome on Monday, as Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin personally greeted the first batch of visitors to arrive in Thailand after it waived visas for Chinese nationals to boost the key tourism industry. Read more at https://tinyurl.com/4hfduneb WATCH MORE: https://thestartv.com/c/news SUBSCRIBE: https://cutt.ly/TheStar LIKE: https://fb.com/TheStarOnline

Bathroom brawl: Fight breaks out in Venice cafe over toilet queue

A fight that involved kicking and slapping was caught on film, after tourists allegedly cut in line to use the bathroom.

Body of missing Indian tourist found in Gunung Jasar brought down by helicopter

CAMERON HIGHLANDS - The body of Indian national climber, Nandan Suresh Nadkarni, 44, who went missing since September 22 in Gunung Jasar was brought down at 11.20 am, said Pahang police chief, Datuk Seri Yahaya Othman. Yahaya said the victim’s body was airlifted by a helicopter of Ipoh Air Operation Force (PGU) after efforts to carry the body faile...

Visa-free travel to lure more China tourists

PETALING JAYA: With tourists from China increasing by 40% in conjunction with its Golden Week holiday, it is all the more proper to implement visa-free travel for them to boost Malaysia’s tourism, say industry players.The Golden Week holiday coincides with the Mid-Autumn Festi­val today and forms an eight-day period until Oct 6 when more Chinese nationals are expected to travel overseas. Read full story

Tourist killed in Penang van crash identified

The Singaporean tourist who died after a van plunged into a ravine at Bukit Genting on Sunday (Sept 24) has been identified. Penang tourism and creative economy committee chairman Wong Hon Wai said the deceased was 62-year-old Lee Kwee Yiam. Read more at http://rb.gy/r7bc0 WATCH MORE: https://thestartv.com/c/news SUBSCRIBE: https://cutt.ly/TheStar LIKE: https://fb.com/TheStarOnline

What do you know about Europe's only desert?

Set in southern Europe in Spain's Almería province is one of the weirdest anomalies in nature—a desert! Known as the Tabernas Desert, this hot and arid environment is the only one of its kind on the continent. It's a world away from the tourist resorts more typically associated with this corner of the continent. And yet the Tabernas Desert is a visitor attraction in its own right, noted for its extraordinary geology and a variety of flora and fauna specially adapted to a seemingly inhospitable climate. Oh, and it's also on the map for a series of influential movies called "Spaghetti Westerns." Intrigued? Click through for some hot tips on where to go and what to do in the Tabernas Desert.

Airbnb Removes Sabah Homestay’s Host Account Amid Hidden Camera Claims

Airbnb says hidden cameras are banned on its properties and expressed disappointment over what happened.

We mustn’t deny shortcomings in tourism, says minister Tiong

Tiong King Sing says he brought up complaints about Langkawi because it affects the tourism industry as a whole, with no intention to nitpick on Kedah.

Indie music festival TAPAUfest returns to Perak this weekend with nature-centric backdrop (VIDEO)

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 2 — It’s a meeting of nature, music and arts happening this weekend (October 7 and 8) at TAPAUfest 202...

Unbelievable discoveries in the most bizarre places

Many fascinating discoveries have been made over the years in the realms of science, archaeology, and zoology, but some were more confounding than others, especially when they turned up in unexpected places. Explore this gallery and uncover some truly bizarre objects discovered in the most improbable of locations.

Petra on a shoestring for backpackers

Jordan boasts one of the most spectacular New Wonders of the World - the Lost City of Petra - built out of rose-colored rock and lost for hundreds of years.  Both beautiful and mysterious, no wonder it’s such a popular travel destination and on many a bucket list. What backpackers want to know, however, is “Can it be seen on a tight budget?” and th...