Greek officials are searching for a US tourist who went missing after going on a hike alone on the island of Amorgos.

Local officials say Eric Albert Calibet, 59, has been missing since Tuesday afternoon, when his friend reported him missing after he did not return from a hike.

Several agencies are participating in the search for Mr Calibet, including volunteers from the coastguard and teams from the neighbouring islands of Paros and Naxos, according to Greek public broadcaster ERT News.

His disappearance comes days after the British presenter Michael Mosley went missing on the Greek island of Symi, where his body was found four days later.

The BBC has contacted the US state department for comment.

Officials are searching both land and water in an area covering almost a quarter of Amorgos, the island's Mayor Eleftherios Karaiskos told ERT.

They have been using a drone to search the northern part of the island and are also attempting to trace Mr Calibet's phone, he said. Calls to Mr Calibet - who the mayor said had visited the island before - have gone unanswered.

The mayor said the hike on which Mr Calibet had embarked was busy and not challenging, suggesting he may have switched to a more difficult route.

Mr Calibet started a four-hour hike at about 7:00 local time (00:00 EDT) on Tuesday in the village of Aegiali, according to local news outlets.

The search for the missing man comes just days after officials spent days scouring another Greek island, Symi, for Dr Mosley, a famous British TV doctor who vanished after setting out on a walk from a beach.

His body was found in a rocky area, and investigators concluded that he died of natural causes the day he went missing.

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