• Crocodile terrorised small town
  • Residents dished out the ultimate revenge 

A crocodile that terrorised a small community and killed several dogs has been served the ultimate revenge after it was shot by rangers and eaten by residents. 

The 3.63m long saltwater crocodile wreaked havoc after turning up in the Baines River near Bulla, in the Northern Territory, earlier this year following floods.

With homes located just 250m away, the croc had been stalking and lunging at terrified passersby, including children and dogs.

The monster predator was captured and euthanised by authorities on Tuesday after police and wildlife rangers consulted the traditional owners.

'After consultation with traditional owners, Elders, community members and Parks and Wildlife, the crocodile was shot to ensure that it did not continue to pose a significant risk to the community,' a NT Police spokesman said.

The Department Parks and Wildlife used the opportunity to conduct an  crocodile safety session, which gave local children an up-close look at the dangers lurking in the territory's waterways. 

'Any body of water in the Top End may contain large and potentially dangerous crocodiles,' DEPWS Director of Wildlife Operations Kristen Hay said.

'That’s why we urge everyone to Be Crocwise and only swim where there are designated swimming signs,' she said.

The giant animal was then taken into Bulla where the community prepared the croc in a traditional manner for a feast. 

Northern Territory Commander Kylie Anderson said the reptiles 'can pose a significant risk to community safety'.

'Thanks to the seamless collaboration between Parks and Wildlife, our remote police staff and local residents we were able to safely remove the large saltie and maintain the safety of the community,' she said.

'There’s never a dull moment in remote policing.'

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